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Video is the best way to communicate your message.

Fully engage your target market with attention-grabbing social media shorts, full format commercials or studio profiles. Showcase yourself in an entirely new way and drive brand engagement like never before.

Video production is your brand… personalized.

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Video Production is Part of Who We Are at Prolifik

Originally, Prolifik was founded as a collaboration of a video production team, graphic designers, and web developers. Our roots are in the video. Our initial run and gun style allowed us to develop keen insights into creating high-quality video in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost.

Years later we are better than ever. We are a nimble team that loves to deliver high-impact video productions to clients across the South East. We boast decades of video production expertise, in-house talent, a large studio on site and loads of professional gear. Nearly of all our video production is performed in-house. We keep a keen eye on the budget and watch wasteful spending. We only focus on what matters.

In today's world of rapid content, we focus on getting the best message with quality without excessive spending. Our clients and other agencies that have hired us to understand that we prefer to save money on high-end items and leave that budget for amplifying the message through distribution and advertising.

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